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Definition on the Curricula & Higher Studies Department


Definition on the Curricula & Higher Studies Department


The department is considered as one of the academic departments of the Woman’s Research and Training Center, and was established after the last modernization of the center’s tariff of 2005. Besides the team of the WRTC, a team consisting of (6) lecturers for syllabuses in the University who at the same time are members of the academic committee of the center, work in the center.

The department's function is to help the center to participate in the development of the University syllabuses, concepts and women issues, gender and development and merging them in the University syllabuses.

Presently the department is aiming to achieve two main objectives, and they are:

1.       Merging of Concepts, Women Issues, Gender and Development in the B.Sc. Syllabuses (Academic Degree) at University of Aden.

2.       Commencing Higher Studies Program, starting with Higher Diploma and subject to develop to M.Sc. level.


The assignments achieved by the Department up to September 2005 to attain the above mentioned goals, are:


The Department has accomplished two stages of the Training Needs Analysis in order to attain the previously mentioned goals, and that was with the help of the Training Section and the Expert of the Center Development Project funded by the Dutch Organization "Nuffic". This procedure has enabled the preparation of projects deputed to the section on the basis of scientific study for those who will benefit from the diploma program in the future.

Up to July, 2005, the Department has accomplished along with the syllabus team, a proposed curriculum for Gender and Development, and an educational unit initiated from the curriculum itself distributed to 12 teaching hours; that will be set as two options in- front of the Higher Commission for Curricula for discussion and approval.

Up to July, 2005, the Curricula Department with the cooperation of the Training Department, has achieved the Proposal of the Higher Diploma in the specialization of Women Studies and Development. Lecturers were also selected to teach subjects which will be the contents of the Diploma. Those ten (10) lecturers have received one month training courses in the Netherlands about Gender, Modes of Teaching and Modern Scientific Research; three lecturers received a training course in Jordan at the Social Research Center about Gender and their Syllabuses. Seven lecturers will be trained during the first half of the year 2006 on Women Studies and Gender at the Institute of Social Science (ISS) in the Hague, in Holland. The Department is presently preparing the teaching modules for the program, and reviewing them with the lecturers, and through workshop which will take place later during this year and at the beginning of the present year. This in cooperation with University of Wageningen-UR and Institute of Social Science (ISS) in Holland, and some specialists in Law and Islamic Legislations, and Women Studies Issues from Arab Countries.

The curricula projects will be published on the website after its completion and approval by the concerned authority.

 For more information, please contact the Head of the Department: Dr. Shifa Abdul Qader Bafaqih at the e-mail address: [email protected].





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