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1/17/2006 WRTCAU


The Training Department.



The Training Department is one of the four departments in the Women Research and Training Center. The objectives are:


  1. to organize awareness and training courses in the field of women/gender issues, targeting students, lecturers, planners, decision-makers and representatives of government and non-governmental organizations.
  2. to design and implement training programmes for women to improve their specific skills, with the aim of activating their roles in the development process.
  3. to strengthen the capacity of the staff in the center and the university and to engender the educational programmes in the center



Since its foundation in 1998, many training activities were carried out under these objectives.


Local training was implemented organized by the center or together with other institutions that are dealing with women issues. Examples are:

  • a course was organized in reproductive health and about awareness raising about population growth. This was carried out in several governances, Aden Hudeidah, Jahei, Haga.
  • a course was organized in the coastal area of Aden where women are involved in the processing and marketing of fish.
  • a course about women and development
  • a course about political participation of women
  • a course about management, business and small-scale marketing in Aden, Mukala and Taiz.
  • a training course for internet use and English language
  • a course on gender awareness and culture.
  • a course about the use of the Yemeni law and women rights in this
  • a course about violence against women


Specific local training activities in the framework of the NUFFUIC project in 2005.


  • Course on research methodology for the lecturers in the University by a consultant from the Netherlands
  • Course on management for the staff in the Center, by a consultant from the Netherlands
  • Course on gender and management in Wageningen, The Netherlands for the staff of the center
  • Course on teaching methodologies in the Netherlands for the staff who will be involved in the diploma (1 week)
  • Course on gender and development in the Netherlands for the staff who will be involved in the diploma programme (3 weeks)
  • Course in Jordan on gender and development, for 3 staff who will be involved in the diploma programme (2 weeks).
  • Course on gender and media in Aden governorate, for students and lecturers of the department of media in the Faculty of Art, by experts from Lebanon.


In 2006:


  • Conference on Women, Science and Development, 4 - 6 February.
  • Training of the library staff by a local expert, in January
  • A library consultant from Holland who will train the library staff, in February
  • A management consultant will train the staff of the center in February on institutional development
  • A one day workshop on gender and reproductive health for the staff in the diploma programme, end of January/beginning February
  • A one day workshop on gender and the management of natural resources for the staff in the diploma programme, end of January/beginning February
  • A course in the Netherlands on gender and development for another staff from the Aden University, in The Hague, Institute of Social Studies, in April.
  • Training of students in women/gender and development issues through the seminar space in the curriculum of the various faculties, or during the student activity space (every Monday) which is outside the curriculum.
  • Training for representatives of organizations in research methodology and gender
  • Awareness campaigns to motivate people to apply for the diploma programme.








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