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Second International Conference 2009

Abstract for Second International Conference 2009




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1/5/2010 WRTCAU

Second International Interdisciplinary conference

on Gender in science and development

December, 12-14-2009

·  Pedagogical strategy for the formation of local managing women of science projects and innovation in the province of Santiago of Cuba. Dr. C Mayra Elena Salas Vinent. Download.

·  Perioperative complications in cleft repair. Dr. Gunaida Abdulrahman AL_Gunaid. Download.

· Cleft Lip & Palate Surgery, based on study of registered Patients at Aden University care center. Dr. Muhgat Ahmed Ali Abdo, Dr. Ahlam Hibatulla, Dr. Raul Popo. Download.

· Study of Clinical and paraclinical parameters of acute renal failure. Nada Mohiddin Mohamed. Download.

· Counseling for women with violence problems Experience of the Hot line Service for Psychological help. Amal BaSaddik. Download.

· Enhancing Technical Education and Employment Opportunities for Jordanian Women Graduated from Community Colleges. Amal Mohummad Ali El Kharouf. Download.

· Foodborne Microbial Hazards and Food Handling Practices. Maisa Ali Ahmed Ismail. Download.

· Women, Empowerment and Law: Islamic shari’a and the Yemeni law debates. Susanne Dahlgren. Download.

· Globalization, Engendered Knowledge systems and Strategies for Women’s Empowerment. Ineke Buskens. Download.

· Protection of consumer and environment in Egypt is an “acquired right and obligate duty”. Dr. Saneya M. EL-Neshawy. Download.

· Toxicity Of The High Fluoride In The Teeth Of School Childern In AL-Maala City Aden. Dr.Reem Hossien Al-kaff. Download.

· Reproductive Health Care Issues and Practices among Rural Women in North-west India. Sunita Laddha, Savita Singal. Download.

· Role Of Women In The Development Of Science And Technology In The Repulic Of Yemen – Problems And Constraints. Prof. Rokhsana M.Ismail. Download.

· Natural dyeing of Eri Silk for value addition and income generation. Sapna Gautam. Download.

· Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices on Girls’ Education in Sudan. Dr. Osman Mohamed Osman Ali. Download.

· Cardiovascular complications among diabetic patients admitted at Al-Gamhouria Teaching Hospital. Dr. Fairooz Nadir Ali. Download.

· Yemeni women micro-financed entrepreneurs: Are they in the right track? A case study: Female clients from AZAL microfinance program (AZAL-MP). Afrah Abul-Aziz Al-Zouba. Download.

· Gender dimension in the conservation and sustainable use of agro-biodiversity in West Asia. Malika Abdelali-Martini, Ahmed Amri, Mohammed Ajlouni, Raghed Assi, Younes Sbieh, Ali Khnifes. Download.

· Hazards of Waste Anaesthetic Gases on Health of Female Staff in the Operation Theater. Dr. Raga Ahmed Ali Musaid. Download.

· Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Intention about Family Planning and Population Related Issues among Medical Undergraduates in the National University of Malaysia. Huda Omer Basaleem, Khaled Abdulla Zain Al-Sakkaf, Khadijah Shamsuddin, Shamsulazhar Shah. Download.

· Histopathology of Reproductive Organs in Yemeni Hystrectomized Women (2006 – 2008). Mazen Abood Bin Thabit, Huda Omer Basaleem. Download.

· Interaction and Haemodynamic Response to Ketamine in female Patients who chew Khat. Prof. Raga Ahmed Ali Musaid. Download.

· Malaria infection in sudaneses poor pregenant women. Maha Mahgoub Osman, Adil Mergani. Download.

· Modernizing Education And Research Structure For Best Future. Manal Eid. Download.

· Physico – chemical characteristics of some mineral admixtures on cement pastes produced in Yemen and Sudan. Fatima A. Al-Qadri. Download.

· Smoking related ROS and SNP changes of MDR 1 gene -129 locus genotypes in Head and neck cancers. Kaiser Jamil. Download.

· Postgraduate Science & Technology Education In Nigeria: The Gender Perspective. Oladipo, O. G., Aladesanmi, O. T., Ogundari, I.O, Aderemi, H. O., Hassan, O. M., Taiwo, K., and Siyanbola, W. O. Download.

· Women in science and technology. Sidra Saeed. Download.

· Women in Science and Technology. prof.Fatima Abdelmhmoud. Download.









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