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2/2/2008 WRTCAU

Woman, Science & Development:

         Gender & Poverty. Suad. Download.

         Why focus on gender rather than women. Sheila Meintjes. Download.

         Eroding Citizenship (Gender, labour & industrial restructuring in India). Amrita Chhachhi. Download.

         Yemeni Women in the ICT Sector. Rokhsana Ismail. Download.

         Yemeni Women in Science & technology Sector. Asma Rimy, Farial Al-Gabr. Download.

         Current Studies on Woman & Gender in the Middle East (Theoretical & Methodological Approaches). Susanne Dahlgren. Download.

         Enrolment of women in applied & basic sciences in the University of Aden. Nagat Muqbel, Nada Al-Syed, Nassim Abdul Rahim. Download.

         Integrating gender in the curriculum of the Aden University in & outs of a 10 months trial. Shifa Bafakih, Nadia Sallam, Carin Vijfhuizen. Download.

         Veiled business in a town that once flourished. Carin Vijfhuizen. Download.

         Transhappily ever after? Transnational migration & marriage practices of Yemeni returnees from Somalia in Basateen (Aden) & the shaping of family & community life, & gender relations. Conchita Garcia Claessen. Download.

         Maternal risk factors & outcome of low birth weight. Entisar Saleh Al-kaaky, Hassan A. Bin Gadeem. Download.

         Observations on the gender specific division of work in Higher Education & in the first professional years. Irmtraud Munder,Furthwangen. Download.

         Womens professional values social policy. Ingrid Oswald. Download.

         The EU Strategic Partnership for the Mediterranean & the Middle East. Joke Buringa. Download.

         Women's Leadership Role in Educational Establishments. Saleh Nasser. Download.

         Media Performance of Iraqi Women in Satellite Channels. Wisam Fadel, Taleb Abdul Mageed. Download.

         Girls Tendency for Science & Technology in Wadi-hadramout Area. Mohamed Alkathiri. Download.

         Perspectives on Women Studies in the Arab World (Obstacles & Limitations). Nuha Al-Bayoomi. Download.

         Problems Facing Girls after access to General Education. Anis Ahmed Taya. Download.

         The road to equality for Lebanese Woman (Jagged but Passable). Fadia Hateet. Download.

         Strengthening Womens Role in Maintaining Bio-diversity to Increase Familys Income (A Jordanian Experience). Mohammed Al-Aglooni. Download.

         Family Legislation & Court Practice in Aden. Susanne Dahlgren. Download.

         Sustained Human Development & Enabling Women. Fadel Al-Rabel. Download.

         The attitudes towards women studies in University of Aden. Asmahan Allallas. Download.

         Arab Women & Human Development. Mohamed Al-Bacca. Download.

         The past & present role of Women in the Adeni Economy. Helen Lackner. Download.

         The Role of Education in Enabling Woman. Amal Al-Kharoof. Download.

         The Role of Woman in Conserving & Using bio-diversity in a sustainable manner. Mariam Al-Jaboor, Mohammed Al-Aglooni. Download.

         The woman between Reality & Ambitious. Amina ALthwani . Download.

         Women & Culture. Heyam Nayel. Download.

         Woman & the Personal Status Laws - Libya as an example, Karima Al-Madani. Download.

         Obstacles for Womens Participation in Palestinian Business Markets. Maged Sabeeh. Download.

         Women Poets. Nageeb Al-Soodi. Download.

         Women Scientists Role in Transferring & Utilizing Technologies for Production & Export of Horticultural Crops. Saneya M. El-Neshawy. Download.

         Making Womens Information accessible & available; the role of womens information centres around the world in advancing the position of women. Tilly Vriend. Download.

         Gender & Women Professors Status in the University of Sana'a. Husnia Al-Kaderi. Download.

         The Seroprevalence of Toxoplasmosis diseases in pregnant women & women in child bearing age in Taiz city. Abeer Ahmed. Download.

         Determinants of Female Labor Force Participation in Yemen. Ali Al-Sagaf, Nagat Abdulwali. Download.

         Women, Employment & Development in Yemen (The Case of Hodeidahs Murshidaat). Marina de Regt. Download.

         Political Participation of Yemeni Women - Between Actuality & Aspiration, Ebtihag Alcheiba. Download.

         Psychological & social stress faced by female academics in Yemeni universities. Najat Sayem. Download.

         Yemeni Women in the ICT Sector. Rokhsana Ismael, Farial AL-Gabr. Download.

         Yemeni Women in Science and technology Sector. Asma Rimi, Farial AL-Gabr. Download.

         Veiled business in a town that once flourished. Carin Vijfhuizen. Download.

         Womens professional values and social policy. Jemen. Download.

         Changing political context.Joke Buringa. Download.

         The woman between Reality and Ambitious. Amina ALthwani. Download.

         Toxoplasmosis among Taiz's pregnant women. Abeer Ahmed. Download.





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