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8/1/2005 WRTCAU

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Aden University

Under the patronage of his Excellency, the president of the Republic Marshall Ali Abdulla Saleh

The first international conference on
Women, Science and Development
4-6 February 2006

Organized by
The Women Research and Training
Center University of Aden
The Yemeni Women Association
for Science and technology
In the recent era of the third millennium, scientific knowledge has become more important in leading the comprehensive development of societies. The use of science and technology is necessary for the development of human capacity. The Arab region is facing challenges of producing and utilizing modern technology, in a context where scientific and technological activities are constrained. Reports on international human resource development indicate that the Arab region is lagging behind in the area of scientific knowledge, the formulation of policies and appropriate scientific plans and technology. Collaboration between the institutions also needs to be improved. Therefore a focus on the improvement of access to and control over technology and scientific knowledge is essential in order to achieve a sound sustainable development.
During the past decades Arab women have been deprived of access to knowledge, caused by, as it has been argued, Islamic religious teaching. However, Islam has always encouraged the education of both men and women. Educated Arab and Muslim women appear in the first Islamic eras. The obstruction of women from gaining knowledge was not only related to social habits and traditions, but also due to colonialism. A gender gap exists in adult literacy. In 2003, the adult literacy rate of Arab women was found to be significantly lower that that of men at 51% and 73% respectively. This regional average masks wider gender gaps in adult literacy rates recorded in a number of countries, particularly Yemen, where 30,1 % of women were found to be literate compared to 70,5% of men (ESCWA, 2004). The deprivation of women from education has also limited her participation in economic and overall development. Further, adverse economic situations, wars and increasing poverty have limited women’s opportunities to be active in socio-political activities and decision-making areas.
The University of Aden wishes to improve the linkage with society and supports the implementation of development programmes. The Women Research and Training Center, adhering to the framework and policies of the University, focuses on gender issues in order to facilitate comprehensive social development in Yemen and regional and international cooperation.  

Objectives of the conference

  • Strengthening of scientific relations between women researchers from Yemen, Arab states and other states in the world by establishing a scientific network.

  • Elaborating on the integration of women and gender issues in different areas of science and development.

  • Formulating strategies for the implementation of women and gender issues in science and development.

  • Initiating the work on a directory of Arab women researchers.

About the two organizers:
1. The Women Research and Training Center
In 1995 a Women Research and Study Unit was started at the University of Aden. It was that unit which laid the foundation for a specialized Center on Women, Research and Training. In 1998 the Center was formally approved by the Aden University, as one of the ten scientific centers in the University of Aden.
The administrative board of the Center consists of the Director of the Center and the heads of the center’s departments which are: Research & Applied studies; Training; Curriculum & Post graduate studies; Documentation & Information and Administration & Finances. The center has its own Academic Council which consists of representatives of all Faculties, the Director and Department heads of the center. The administrative board of the Center develops the programmes which are discussed in and approved by the Academic Council.
Objectives of the Center and its main tasks

The center aims to strengthen women’s positions in society and to contribute to social development by:

  • conducting studies and research in the area of gender and development.

  • developing a curriculum by implementing gender and development courses.

  • raising awareness on gender issues by conducting seminars, workshops, training courses.

  • upgrading scientific staff (PhD, MSc) in different areas of science and gender providing consultancy services.

  • The establishment of a computer center and a specialized library on gender issues will enhance the achievement of the above objectives and activities.

2. The Yemeni Women Association for Science and Technology
The Yemeni Women Association was established in 2003, during a conference on science in Shibam – Hadramout Governorate. The members of the Association are from Yemen. At the moment the Association has 45 members and the female scientists mainly have a background in natural and applied sciences.
Objectives of the Association and its main tasks

The objectives of the Association are:

  • strengthening the position of Yemeni women scientists.

  • upgrading of scientific staff (PhD, MSc) in different areas of applied sciences and technology.

  • organizing competitions among students in the schools to encourage them to be involved in science and technology.

  • establishing a prize for exceptional female scientists.

Submission of summaries and papers:
People are invited to present their papers in the following areas:

  1. The present status and perspective on women studies in the Arab World

  2. Women, science and technology

  3. Gender and law in Arab countries

  4. Gender, environment and sustainable natural resources

  5. Gender and health

  6. Gender, labour and economic development

  7. Gender, education and culture

The summary will be submitted in both Arabic and English languages and it shall not exceed 200 words. The deadline for receiving the summaries is 15 August 2005.
The papers shall be submitted in a zipped disk, together with two paper copies. The papers shall not exceed 15 pages. The deadline for receiving the paper is 15 October 2005.
On the occasion of the conference, an exhibition of pictures, books, and art of Arab artists will be exhibited.
A number of prominent academics from Arab countries, Holland and Germany and from the Women Organization for Science and Technology in the Third World, UNESCO and ESCWA will be invited.

All correspondence shall be addressed to:
Fax: :00-967-2 – 235237
Women Research and Training Center
P.O. Box 6312
Khormaksar, University of Aden Republic of Yemen

Operating Committees:
Higher Preparatory Committee
Scientific Committee
Organizational Committee
Media Committee
Financial Committee
Conference Secretariat

The organizing authority of the conference shall pay the costs of the convention in Aden, only during the days of the conference.





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